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"Finding Hope with Horses"

"Equine assisted speech therapy for children with special needs"

 Equine assisted therapy is an experimental therapy and all students are pre-screened to determine if they would benefit from equine therapy. This service is not eligible for insurance coverage. Please send us an email for more information.  Equine assisted therapy can help develop these language skills:

1.   Improve total communication - verbalization, articulation, descriptive language, auditory      

      processing and sentence formulation

2.   Improve interaction skills and develop two way communication skills

3.   Increase attention to task and encourage reciprocal structured play and social skills

4.  Improve spontaneous speech production by making requests during groundwork activities

5.   Increase range of motion of  oral musculature and respiratory strength for  speech production

6.  Improve body awareness and sensory integration. 

7.  Experience intense proprioceptive and tactile input to help with neurological functioning

8.  Achieve speech-language therapy goals in a motivating, fun and challenging play based


9.  Learn to sequence, make choices and care for the horses during therapeutic grooming activities

Equine assisted speech therapy sessions involve the horse and stable environment as a treatment strategy. Sessions take place while walking, brushing or feeding our horses. This is an un-mounted speech or language therapy session given by a certified speech therapist. The mere presence of the horse provides extra motivation to work on therapy goals and clients begin to progress quickly. It is a creative and holistic alternative to traditional office speech therapy. 

Consultations: New equine therapy client consultations: $75.00

During a consultation we review your records, listen to your concerns, and recommend an evaluation plan.


Frequently asked Questions:  

 Who can visit the barn?

 Our clients that are enrolled in the equine therapy program can visit the barn. Please note that equine therapy students must complete all registration forms and an insurance waiver before entering the stable areas. We ask that only one adult attend the barn therapy session with their child. 


Can I pet the horses?   

 Yes, Students enrolled in equine therapy may visit the barn to groom and pet the horses under supervision of their therapist during their therapy session. Please do not feed the horses due to their dietary restrictions 


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